Ulm Holding Corporation

Ulm Holding was founded in 1992 by philanthropic German industrialist Rudolf Kurz to own and operate a commercial real estate building in New York City. 1776 Broadway, a 25-story building close to Columbus Circle, was purchased in 1992. Our firm is named after the beautiful city of Ulm, Germany, which is famous for its church with the tallest steeple in the world and for being the birthplace of Albert Einstein. Ulm Holding stands for reliability, integrity and quality property management.

Rudolf Kurz established a foundation to carry on his legacy after his passing. This building is among the foundation's assets. In accordance with his wishes, the foundation makes grants to support children's charities, homeopathic medicine and jazz education.

Walter & Samuels

Walter & Samuels operates the leasing and management services for this property. Ulm Holding’s building is among the 75 million square feet that Walter & Samuels manages in the tri-state region. The team is dedicated to providing comprehensive property management services for the building. Partnering with Walter & Samuels ensures the application of the industry's best practices and ultimately, long-term success.

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