302 East 42nd Street


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Our building on 300 East 42nd Street is has both professional offices as well as retail shops. It is less than a minute from the United Nations building, and very close to other popular attractions such as the Daily News building, the Scandinavia House, and Palm Restaurant.
1776 Broadway & 57th St.
Location 300 East 42nd St.
Usable rental space 221,479 sq. ft.
Number of stories 18
Year Built 1964
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Contrary to our building on 1776 Broadway, this building has a completely modern look. From the steel and glass on the outside, to the abstract art and lighting inside.

Words can not do this building the justice it deserves. View the gallery to take a look at what this building has to offer.

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302 East 42nd Street
Property Managed by Cushman & Wakefield
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