1776 Broadway


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1776 Broadway is located near Columbus circle. The significance of the twenty five story building number being '1776' led builder, Joseph E. Gilbert, to incorporate a patriotic atmosphere in the the interior of the building such as large liberty bells. The main lobby has light Italian marble with concave ceilings. When the building was first opened three paintings on canvas portrayed momentous periods of the Revolutionary War including a painting showing George
1776 Broadway & 57th St.
Location 1776 Broadway (near 57th St.)
Usable rental space 115,000 sq. ft.
Number of stories 25
Year Built 1927
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Pledge of Allegiance
Washington reading the declaration of independence. In 1928, the New York Times dubbed the building 'Spirit of '76 in Design' as an homage to a historic painting representing American Independence.
Liberty Bell at 1776 Broadway

The Liberty bell at 1776 Broadway is truly important as the bell symbolizes the first time Americans were read the Declaration of Independence. The name "Liberty bell" was given by abolitionists as a metaphor symbolizing a country literally cracked and freedom fissured for its black inhabitants.

With all of the history that 1776 Broadway showcases it can be easy to forget that it has over 115,000 square foot of office space. ULM also offers an indoor and outdoor event space on our gorgeous rooftop at this location. View the gallery to see images of the historic building or view more information about our event space.

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